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Ideal, effective, and economic

Ideal, effective, and economic alternative to a complete locker tear out and new locker installation.

Hadrian’s replacement front “re-faces” almost any non-Hadrian brand of locker.

The replacement front offers the full impact resistant and “silent operation” benefits of Hadrian’s heavy-duty double pan, honeycomb filled doors.

Existing locker bodies are utilized, thereby eliminating the possibility of damage to tiling, pipe-work, drywall, etc., while removing old lockers.

The versatility of Hadrian’s replacement front allows you to convert a single tier locker to a double tier locker (or vice versa) with just minor alterations.

With only 8 fasteners per front, lockers can be retrofit without causing major disruption during class hours. The ease of retrofitting lockers with replacement fronts means the school does not need to be “shut down” and “torn apart” to renovate.