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Build physical distancing into existing restrooms in three easy steps

November 12, 2020
Hadrian Privacy Solutions; Building Physical Distancing Into Existing RestroomsHadrian’s privacy solutions make it simple and cost effective to upgrade any restroom to the next level. Do away with a primary touchpoint, the entrance doors, extend the height of toilet partitions, and add urinal screens for greater separation and safety.
Entrance Partitions
Removing entrance doors eliminates a primary touch point in the restroom. Hadrian’s privacy partitions can obstruct line of sight into the restroom to ensure maximum privacy when entrance doors are removed.
Urinal Screens
Adding privacy screens between urinals provides better division and safety. Where typical privacy screens already exist, they can be enhanced to create even greater privacy and separation. Our simple and economical options include wall-mounted or floor-mounted screens at 48”, 58”, 64”, 72” or 92” high.
Go Higher
Extend the height of your existing toilet partitions from 73” to 92” high, and anything in between in 1” increments, to provide greater division and safety between units. Use our No-Sightline Solution featuring a full-height continuous stop and hinge side filler to completely eliminate all gaps around the door.
Contact Hadrian or your local Hadrian distributor today to enhance the privacy and safety of your restroom.

Toilet Partitions

Toilet Partitions
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Did you know?

Hadrian products can contribute to LEED certification.