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Hadrian's New and Expanded Executive Team

February 9, 2017
Hadrian is pleased to introduce its new and expanded executive team, formed to enable Hadrian to continue to grow and realize the opportunities it sees in the marketplace. The executive team is responsible for the day to day operations of the company as well as engaging in strategic thinking and long-term planning.
  • James Peters, President
  • Gary Greenway, Senior Vice President
  • Robert Snyder, Vice President Finance
  • Jeff Bell, Vice President Sales & Marketing
  • Michael Razem, Vice President Sales
  • Luke Townsend, Vice President Information Technology
  • Stephanie Hamilton, Vice President Human Resources
  • Steven Murray, Vice President Operations
As of January 2018, Gary Greenway will assume the role of President, leading the executive team. James Peters will assume the role of Executive Chair of the Board of Directors.

In April 2018, Michael Razem will retire from the company.

Founded in 1983, Hadrian is a growth-oriented producer of quality toilet partition and locker products that now has facilities in Burlington, Ontario; Mentor, Ohio and Phoenix, Arizona. The executive team, in concert with the rest of Hadrian management and staff, is passionate about offering the best customer experience in the industry with the understanding that when our customers succeed, we succeed.

Toilet Partitions

Toilet Partitions
Powder Coated, stainless steel and solid plastic toilet partitions. More »


Emperor (corridor), Gladiator (athletic), and replacement front lockers. More »

Did you know?

Hadrian’s No-Sightline Solution completely eliminates toilet partition sight gaps.