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New installation guides now available

June 8, 2018
We know your time is valuable. That's why our new installation guides are among the industry's most comprehensive for metal toilet partitions and lockers, eliminating costly delays due to improper assembly or damage. 

In response to customer feedback, we have designed guides that serve as an extension of our product literature with high definition renderings and detailed technical documentation that explains every step of the installation.

What's new

  • Part number and image to avoid confusion in the field
  • Hardware pieces shown with steps
  • More installation scenarios covered
The new installation guides give distributors the additional support and peace of mind that they will install Hadrian products in less time thanks to clear instructions. This keeps the installation crew on schedule and general contractor happy.
Hadrian installation guide - toilet partitions
Hadrian installation guide - lockers

Toilet Partitions

Toilet Partitions
Powder Coated, stainless steel and solid plastic toilet partitions. More »


Emperor (corridor), Gladiator (athletic), and replacement front lockers. More »

Did you know?

Hadrian products are backed by a comprehensive product performance warranty.