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Our Story

Hadrian -  Our Story
Tom Warren and Keith McAlpine founded Hadrian in 1983 when they purchased the toilet partition division of Westeel Corporation and branded their new company Hadrian Manufacturing Inc. The name was inspired by the architectural marvel of Hadrian’s Wall, which stretches across the northern frontier of Britain. With Tom and Keith's retirement and sale of the company in 2001, a new era began for Hadrian. The transition to the new ownership group of James Peters, President; Gary Greenway, VP Operations; Mike Razem, VP Sales and Rob Snyder, VP Finance, was seamless as they share the same principles and value systems on which Tom and Keith built the company.

Hadrian has expanded over the years to include three state of the art North American facilities, while developing innovations such as enhanced privacy toilet partitions and anti-graffiti finishes. We have also forced the industry to change with the introduction of shorter lead times and comprehensive stock programs.

Our Project Center software, which is available exclusively to Hadrian distributors and sales agents, is the envy of the industry. Project Center is a total project management solution for toilet partitions and lockers. It greatly reduces the time required to produce quotations, drawings and submittal packages while also ensuring order accuracy - bringing value not only to Hadrian’s distributors, but also to the architects, designers, contractors and facility owners who work with them.

Toilet Partitions

Toilet Partitions
Powder Coated, stainless steel and solid plastic toilet partitions. More »


Emperor (corridor), Gladiator (athletic), and replacement front lockers. More »

Did you know?

Elite and Elite Plus toilet partitions offer increased privacy.