Hadrian Anti-graffiti


Restrooms and locker rooms are often targets for graffiti. Protect your toilet partitions and lockers with our anti-graffiti powder coating.

​​Powder Coated Tough​

Our anti-graffiti solution is not an after-coating that can wear off over time, but is built into a durable, powder coated finish. The graffiti resistant properties make maintaining restrooms and lockers room environments much easier and materials last longer. 

​​No Graffiti Residue​

Hadrian toilet partitions and lockers that are finished with anti-graffiti powder coating truly are resilient. Commercial graffiti removers can be applied to affected areas and will eliminate graffiti without causing damage to the finish. Instead, the original brilliance is retained.

​​Environmentally Friendly​

With virtually no waste, very little energy consumed and no solvent emissions, we are proud to use an environmentally friendly powder coating system.

​​Entry-level Cost​
​​Entry-level Cost​

Hadrian anti-graffiti toilet partitions and lockers meet the same ASTM requirements as other products that are three times the price, making it a cost-effective solution.

It has proven ASTM D6578 graffiti resistance and easily removes:

  • Permanent marker
  • Lipstick
  • Water-based ink marker
  • Wax crayon
  • Spray paint
Color Options
​​Color Options​

Anti-graffiti lockers and toilet partitions are available in four popular neutral colors that complement any décor:

  • 826 Kilim Beige
  • 828 Dovetail
  • 829 Desert
  • 833 Tricorn Black

*Although our anti-graffiti powder coating has been proven to perform exceptionally well, we (Hadrian) cannot guarantee complete removal in all situations due to varying environmental and application conditions. For best results, our maintenance procedure should be followed regularly, and graffiti should be addressed as soon as possible after application.