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Certified Class B or NFPA 286 Solid Plastic

Not all solid plastic is created equal. Make sure you are getting certified CLASS B solid plastic and accept nothing less when that level of performance is required. Hadrian offers a full range of certified CLASS B colors that meet the requirements of ASTM E 84 (Flame Spread Index: 26-75 / Smoke Developed Index: 0-450).

NFPA 286 plastic is available for the following colors, at an upcharge: 211 Black, 212 Blueberry, 223 Linen, 227 Paisley, 231 Slate and 239 Grey. NFPA 286 colors may be slightly darker than Class B colors.
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Solid Core With No Air Pockets

Hadrian’s plastic material features a solid core that does not contain foaming agents, which can cause the formation of air pockets.
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Easy to Maintain

From a maintenance point of view, nothing could be easier! Hadrian’s solid plastic partitions practically take care of themselves, making them an ideal choice for harsh washroom environments.
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Heavy-Duty Aluminum Hardware

  • Heavy-duty aluminum 8" (203mm) round barrel hinges
  • 6" (152mm) aluminum stop and keeper
  • Black anodized latch with emergency access feature
  • Full height aluminum channels at panel to pilaster connection
  • Three heavy-duty aluminum brackets at panel to wall and pilaster to wall connections
  • #4 brushed stainless steel shoes
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Hadrian’s easy-to-install cap-over headrail ensures a rigid finished installation. For joining two pieces together, the headrail system features a convenient snap-fit design that does not require extra fasteners.
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Durable and easy to maintain, Hadrian’s 3" (76mm) high stainless steel anchor shoes look great and make installation easy. Ceiling hung and floor to ceiling toilet partitions use 4” (102mm) high stainless steel shoes only.
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Fasteners are theft-proof 6-lobe security head stainless steel screws to deter vandalism
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