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Rigid Door Construction

Doors feature a full 1” (25 mm) thick double pan box design (16-gauge outer / 18-gauge inner) for outstanding  rigidity and durability.

Maximum Ventilation

Fully ventilated doors and sides with 0.5” x 1” (13 mm x 25 mm) oval perforations allow for maximum air circulation as well as visual access.

Quietest Athletic Locker Available

Hadrian’s rigid double pan construction provides the quietest possible door closing for athletic lockers.

Single Point Latching With No Moving Parts

  • Hadrian’s Gladiators minimize concerns about latching failures in rough athletic environments.
  • No moving parts results in safe, secure and maintenance-free operation.
  • Friction catch is standard.

Heavy-Duty 16-Gauge Continuous Piano Hinge

  • This durable continuous hinge is a standard feature on all Gladiator lockers.
  • Outperforms knuckle hinge designs by resisting abuse and keeping the door in an adjusted position.


Exposed ends are available as solid or perforated.

Durable Powder Coated Finish

Gladiators have the same durable, thick and even powder coated finish as Emperor lockers with the same wide array of cutting edge colors.